Preiss Imports

Preiss Imports Comes Home

July 5, 2016  HPS Epicurean is delighted and very proud to announce the launch of Preiss Imports as the signature name for their portfolio of spirits.

The Preiss Imports insignia represents all the blood, sweat and years— decades in fact— of building a specialty spirits company from the ground up. Henry Preiss founded Preiss Imports in the 1980s. Diligent, industrious and unflappable to the core, Henry led the company to great success, representing an award-winning portfolio of 500 products from 33 suppliers.

“My love of artisan spirits began as a child witnessing my family’s passion for the heritage behind every brand. I was introduced to new cultures, exotic aromas and vibrant flavors at an early age, and was fortunate to learn from suppliers about the finesse of production and the craftsmanship behind exceptional products, each with a story to tell.”

The industry took notice and in 2008, Preiss Imports was acquired by The Griffin Group to ‘anchor’ Anchor Distillery’s division of artisan spirits. Although he stayed on as CEO and President, Henry decided to leave the company in 2012.

He wanted to return to what most inspired him, to what empowered his Heart, Passion and Soul—to run a brand-driven, family business and develop a portfolio of premium, niche spirits where innovation and intimate product knowledge matter most.

Although galvanized and moving forward with a new business venture, Henry had to leave behind an emblematic slice of his lifelong career– the designation of Preiss Imports.

Preiss Family Legacy

Within a year of parting ways with Anchor, Henry and his daughter Nicole founded HPS Epicurean—a company dedicated to the fusion of culinary arts, spirits and wine. The blossoming HPS collection of international spirits has been gaining recognition, with innovative brand categories drawing particular acclaim… yet there was one thing missing– the Preiss Imports name.

Luckily, Henry regained ownership of the moniker as soon as it became available, and this official Preiss Imports launch commemorates the abiding Preiss legacy.

Henry and Nicole Preiss will continue to seek out high-caliber brands from around the globe that exemplify traditional craftsmanship, authenticity and cultural provenance. It is all just a little bit easier now that they’re working under the Preiss Imports banner.

Press Release

We live between the giant brands to fill a niche that is growing at a fast pace in retail, bars and restaurants. There is a tremendous desire by consumers and mixologists for pure products of exceptional quality, and Preiss Imports is back to continue that legacy.

Preiss Products

Preiss Imports products are available at fine spirits and wine shops, and featured in select bars and restaurants.

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The culinary specialties and wine portfolio will remain under the auspices of HPS Epicurean, which remains the parent company overall.

HPS Culinary

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Preiss History


Preiss Imports Re-launched

Preiss Imports returns to the Preiss family.


HPS Epicurean

Henry founds HPS Epicurean with daughter, Nicole Preiss.


Special Recognition

Henry Preiss awarded the prestigious Chevalier de l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole: exceptional service in the advancement of French foods and beverages. Listed in Who’s Who of San Diego, California Business Professionals. In 2010, inducted into the Order of the Musketeers of Gascony.


Preiss Imports Acquired

Awarded one of the Top Four Spirits Importers of the Year by Wine Enthusiast.
Preiss Imports acquired by Griffin Group. Henry Preiss remains CEO/President.


Preiss Imports

Preiss Imports is established, followed by two decades expanding an award-winning spirits and wine portfolio to upwards of 500 products from 33 suppliers.


Henry Preiss Importers Club

Henry Preiss is elected youngest ever president of Wine & Spirits Importers Club of Southern California.


Preiss International

Henry Preiss founds the company Preiss International.


The Erich Preiss Company

The Erich Preiss Company sold to John Anderson. Henry is named Executive Vice President.


Henry Preiss Beginnings

Henry starts his career with The Erich Preiss Company working in the warehouse and delivering products. By 1974, Henry is working for the company full-time.


Erich Preiss & Family

Erich Preiss moves his family from Germany to the US in March 1961. He establishes a company importing products he represented in Germany, including Pauly-Bergweiler Estate Mosel Wine and Jaegermeister.