About us

HPS  Heart • Passion • Soul

Heart – Guided by the best interest of our suppliers, employees and customers.

Passion – Our passion for the product, its story and artisanal heritage.

Soul – A portfolio of products and brands with as much soul as we ourselves exhibit.

  • Family owned, multi-generational expertise in importing and distributing exciting products of the highest quality.
  • Dedicated to raise awareness of high quality spirits and culinary specialties.
  • Strong support to suppliers in the development of their exports.
  • Unequivocal appreciation of provenance, tradition and history behind every selection.
  • Structured to manage niche brands where product intimacy and knowledge matter most.
  • Providing efficiency and personalized service with specialized creative and targeted marketing, on and off-premise.
  • Professionally tailored distribution solutions to meet specific needs of each supplier.

We live between the giant brands to fill a niche that is growing at a fast pace in retail, bars and restaurants. There is a tremendous desire by consumers and mixologists for pure products of exceptional quality and HPS Epicurean fulfills that need. -Henry Preiss

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