Elixir Vitae

Elixir Vitae Artisan Vinegar

Peach · Champagne Le Orange · Island Spice · Kaffir Lime

Elixir Vitae

Drinking Vinegars, also known as shrubs, date back to American colonial days, with cultures throughout the world offering their own renditions. Originally used as a refreshing tonic with medical benefit, shrubs became refined over time with the addition of natural fruit, vegetables and aromatics. Bottle: 12.5 oz

Elixir Vitae artisan vinegar is perfectly at home in your bar as well as the pantry.
The happy marriage between sweet and acid begins with handpicked fruit, herbs and vegetables harvested from Central California organic farms. For every 1,000 liters of vinegar, 300 to 400 pounds of fruit are used.
Mix Elixir Vitae with seltzer water and natural syrup for a delicious, thirst-quenching drink, an invigorating alternative to the regular summer fare. These vinegars are also wonderful at full strength as a mixer for cocktails.
These vinegars are versatile as food enhancers, and with imagination can become culinary game-changers. Drizzle a few drops of Elixir Peach on sushi; use Kaffir Lime in your ceviche recipe. The possibilities are endless.
The bounty of handpicked, select fruits and herbs are placed in small vats with organic, non-GMO grain and rice-based vinegars. The infusions develop into a mild fermentation that can take months to complete. Time and patience is the key to the perfect balance of acid, flavor and aroma. The mandate of the company is to maintain high quality over producing high quantity.
The base vinegar is natural and unpasteurized. Fermentation may be present, causing the cork to pop when opening the bottle. Should a milky substance form in the bottle, don’t be alarmed. This beneficial ‘mother of vinegar’ can be filtered out using a coffee filter, ignored, or used to start your own bottle of vinegar.

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