Original Grafschafter Gourmet Selections Made in Germany

Gourmet Fruit Spread

The Grafschafter Gourmet series is an irresistible mélange of freshly harvested apples with fresh, complementary fruits. All are naturally free of gluten and lactose, and contain no preserving agents or artificial colors. These delicious fruit spreads go well on bread, crêpes and croissants and make a good accompaniment to cheese platters.
Each jar contains nearly 3 pounds of meticulously processed select fruits which guarantees a pure fruit experience. Simply divine in flavor!


Apple-Pear Fruit Spread

This premium spread is a traditional German specialty made from freshly harvested apples and pears that grow locally in the Rhine region. Care in production preserves the high quality of the ingredients, ensuring the rich and distinctive taste. Fresh, sweet and fruity! Grafschafter Apple-Pear spread is wonderful on pancakes and crêpes. A terrific addition to meat sauces, marinades, desserts and in your favorite apple cocktail recipes.

Apple-Pear PURE Fruit Spread

Contains only the pure fruit without any sweetening. Careful preparation and processing of the highly concentrated fruit creates a distinctive and delicious tart and fruity flavor. Ideal as a natural alternative to sweeteners. Like a fine apple cider, the complexity of the pure fruit adds vibrance to culinary dishes or your favorite cocktails.

Apple-Blackcurrant Fruit Spread

Sweet and extra fruity spread of apples and tart and sweet blackcurrants.

Apple-Elderberry Fruit Spread

The essence of apples and aromatic elderberries. Sweet and extra fruity, an exquisite and versatile spread.

Apple-Ginger Fruit Spread

A refined fruit spread of fresh apples and mildly spicy ginger for an exotic flair.

Goldsaft Sugar Beet Syrup

Grafschafter Goldsaft is the concentrated juice of pure, natural, freshly harvested sugar beets, without any vegetable fibers. This syrup is distinctively sweet and malty with a dark caramel-brown hue and a viscous texture.
No chemical agents are used in production, and the syrup contains no preservatives, gluten or lactose.
This natural syrup spread has been a staple at breakfast tables across Europe for over 50 years. Unlike granulated table sugar, the special manufacturing method of Goldsaft retains all the natural nutrients of the sugar beet.

Limitless Possibilities

Perfect for sweetening your favorite sauces and desserts. The malty aroma and dark color enhance whole-meal bread, pumpernickel and gingerbread. Swirl on cakes, waffles and french toast. Wonderful with potato pancakes and added to a beef marinade. The drip-free bottle makes it easy to add just the right amount of natural sweetness.