Ferdinand’s Saar Vermouth

First Riesling Vermouth in the World

The large, steep south-facing slope of the Grand Cru Saarburger Rausch vineyard, its rough Devonian shale soil and the cool climate of the Saar, are perfect conditions for the beginnings of this fine vermouth. The minerality and fruit of the Saar Riesling, the bitterness of the wormwood and the floral, spicy aromas of the regional herbs and flowers give this selection its unique lightness and elegance. Carefully handpicked Riesling grapes from the Zilliken estate and the craftsmanship of Master Distiller Vallendar guarantee a high-quality product. Handcrafted in small batches with limited availability. A special treat from the Saar region created to maximize the vermouth experience.
Ferdinand’s Dry Saar Vermouth: Slate Riesling
Ferdinand’s White Saar Vermouth: Barrel Aged in Mosel Fuder Oak Casks

18% alc/vol

Silver Medal ‧ LA Int’l Spirits Competition 2016
Gold for Packaging Design-Effective Use

Ferdinand's Saar Quince

Ferdinand’s Saar Quince

Ferdinand’s Saar Gin

Ferdinand’s Saar Gin