HPS Epicurean is a third-generation company specializing in the importing and marketing of international spirits and culinary specialties, and is dedicated to developing a portfolio that embodies the fusion of culinary arts, spirits and wine. HPS aspires to establish a company that is truly epicurean by fostering a fresh perspective and appreciation for the finer artisanal side of life. 

Founder and CEO Henry Preiss is a long time industry veteran who sold his highly successful company, Preiss Imports, in 2008. Through his leadership, knowledge and enthusiasm, Henry perpetuated his family legacy as an award-winning pioneer in the premium spirits industry. His vast experience and comprehensive network enabled products from international suppliers to thrive in virtually every market in the US.

Henry’s daughter and HPS co-founder, Nicole Preiss, brings business acumen from her years in the specialty imports business along with a passion for the culinary arts. Holding both a business and a culinary degree, Nicole is proud to advance the Preiss pedigree of innovation and dedication in bringing exclusive specialty selections to you.

Preiss Imports Catalog 2018

Since launching HPS Epicurean with my daughter Nicole in November 2012, I’ve come to realize what a monumental undertaking it is to scour the world for the greatest wines, gourmet accoutrements and artisan spirits. Our objective was clear– to build a portfolio of authentic products from distinctive suppliers who embody the Heart, Passion and Soul parallel to ours. While innovation steers growth, mastery is powered by legacy, and our collection exemplifies both. Nothing outshines the pride I feel having been chosen by the assemblage of family companies represented in our 2017 catalog, each entrusting Preiss Imports to advance their products in the USA. I hope that you will find inspiration in our vision. Cheers!

-Henry Preiss