Riserva Carlo Alberto

Riserva Carlo Alberto


At the dawn of Italian Renaissance, Carlo Alberto was a liberal and enlightened King of Piedmont-Sardinia who sowed the seeds of Italian unity and democracy.
Turin, the capital of Piedmont, is home to some of the world’s most highly regarded wine. Turin has proved to be something more than a city; it is a center of ideas and events that are seminal to the history of Italy.
Vermouth emerged in Turin in the 1790s. Sipping Vermouth before meals became the ritual for sharing ideas on politics, economics and spiritual values. a tradition that innovated a liberal movement focused on encouraging an enlightened spirit and a more noble population.
Carlo Alberto was an enthusiastic consumer of his chef’s own recipe, the prototype for the superb line of Riserva Carlo Alberto Vermouth.

“Vermouth Fit for a King”

Carlo Alberto Vermouth is made traditionally adhering to the 1837 recipe of Carlo Alberto’s chef. This exceptional spirit benefits from its unique and rare ingredients and traditional production methods that require expertise, accuracy and a long processing time. Riserva Carlo Alberto Vermouth is blended with refined botanicals from the Piedmont’s fertile Po valley, a region known for its superior farmland. Ingredients are macerated in small batches and produced without the use of artificial essences and industrial processes. The base wine must be an excellent one. Per the 1837 recipe, Carlo Alberto Vermouth uses DOGC Asti Muscat and DOGC Caluso Erbaluce, the latter produced in a very limited quantity. To this superb base, botanical elements–herbs, berries, spices, flowers and fruits– are infused in 45° alcohol for 40 days. The brew is only lightly filtered before decanting in Piedmont barrels for approximately 3 to 6 months. There is regular testing to ascertain perfect ripening of the spirit before bottling. 18% alc/vol

RCA vermouth

 “Vermouth fit for a king” –Restaurant Magazine
“Fascinating and definitely worth a try.” –Imbibe
“Rosso is stunning. Absolutely perfect for a pre-dinner tipple.” –Drinks Enthusiasts 

Vermouth Blanc

Aromatized with 25 carefully selected herbs and spices.
Sweet nose of honey. Full-bodied and sharp on the palate, yet the sweetness soon overtakes. A smooth finish shows honey, banana and a bold kick of spice. Full and long lasting flavor, evoking a summer stroll through vineyards, where aromas of wild herbs and grapevines unchain the spirit.
Try it chilled. Perfect in all the classic cocktails that call for white vermouth.
 92 pts TOP 100 SPIRITS 2016 –Wine Enthusiast
90 pts “Excellent” 2015 –Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Shelf Talker

Vermouth Rosso

Aromatized with 27 carefully selected herbs and spices.
Copper-brown hue. Fresh cherry aromas with soft herbs and hints of spice. Cherry and fresh red fruit on the palate. Incredibly soft texture, with a core of strong, hot spices, summer fruit, orange peel and exotic herbs. Perfectly balanced.
Perfect in all classic cocktails, or sipped before meals to stimulate digestion as it was originally enjoyed.
 89 pts 2016 –Wine Enthusiast
91 pts Finalist 2015 –Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Shelf Talker

2015SPIRITS_GoldMedal LA GOLD MEDAL 92 pts 
-Los Angeles Int’l Wine Competition 2015

Go Go La Vita
40% Riserva Carlo Alberto White Vermouth
30% Soda water
30% Orange juice
Serve in Collins glass. Garnish with orange wheel.
Dance In Turin
40% Riserva Carlo Alberto White Vermouth
60% Grapefruit juice
A few pumps of Carlo Alberto Tiger Claw Bitter.
Manhattan Center
25% Riserva Carlo Alberto Red Vermouth
75% Rye or Bourbon Whiskey
A drop of angostura.
Garnish with maraschino cherry.