Charron Bas-Armagnac

Domaine de Charron Family Estate

The story started at the beginning of the last century in south-western France, where Jacques and Claude Lartigue’s great-grandmother owned a vineyard in the Landes region. The vineyard in Perquie was planted entirely with the Baco grape variety, and the wine produced was sold to the co-op. On occasion, a few casks of armagnac came to be.
In 1985, when their father Fernand expressed his wish to have the vines pulled up, Jacques and Claude resisted and decided to buy the 4-acre plots and revive the production of armagnac. With a skillful vine-grower neighbor entrusted with the vineyard work, a natural wine of outstanding quality was immediately produced.
Domaine de Charron has all of the assets to enable small batch production of outstanding armagnac: exceptional terroir, proficiency of the best distillers from Villeneuve-de-Marsan and systematic and meticulous storing of every crop in new oak casks.

The Grape • The Fire • The Oak

The Baco grape, a hybrid of Folle Blanche and Noah varietals, is exclusively used for Charron AOC Armagnac. Its resistance to disease makes it an environmentally friendly grape, with a magnificent attribute to evolve in character when interacting with oak over the years aged in barrels.
The distillation process usually takes place before the end of the harvest year in a traditional and locally made, wood-fired, copper continuous still. Along the few uninterrupted days of the process, the experienced hand of the master distiller monitors the heat. His expertise is essential to produce the most flavorful brandy.
Charron oak barrels are made by Gilles Bartholomo, one of the last remaining coopers in Le Frêche (Landes). The 420-liter kegs are filled as soon as the brandy comes out of the still.
Casks are kept in a special wine storehouse that has an earthen floor. Year after year, the aromatic components interact between the new oak and the brandy. Each vintage is controlled, ventilated and moved following the direction of the Cellar Master. The age and alcoholic degree of the precious elixir is carefully monitored during the long ageing process– a minimum of ten years. No water is added before hand-bottling; the vintage Charron are all cask strength.


Info Sheet

“This is a powerhouse spirit, made to please those who want big, spicy, robust flavor from their brandy.”
K&L Wine on Charron 2004 vintage

Domaine de Charron Cask Strength Collection

10 to 20 year-old Armagnac • Age of Reason

Beautiful cask-strength Charron vintages ranging from 10 to 20 years old. The armagnac has started to quiet down after the verve of the first years. Each is expressive and balanced, with its own character and unique personality.

2004 Charron Armagnac

Subtle oak aroma dominated by ripe stone fruit. Notes of mirabelle and cooked prune on the palate along with a little rancio. The alcohol is already integrated with no harshness. Long finish. 51.1% alc/vol
SILVER MEDAL • Landes Bas-Armagnac 2013

2003 Charron Armagnac

Amber hue. Rich, subtly oaked nose is dominated by ripe stone fruit flavors. On the palate, the alcohol is already mellowed with no harshness. Notes of spicy, stewed prunes, with a little rancio. Long finish. Great personality for a younger vintage. 50.9% alc/vol
GOLD MEDAL • Concours des Bas-Armagnacs Landais 2013

2001 Charron Armagnac

Delicate nose with mint and pepper tones. Smooth and round in the mouth gently revealing wild strawberry aromas. A refined and surprising vintage. 50.6% alc/vol
GOLD MEDAL • Concours des Bas-Armagnacs Landais 2009

1999 Charron Armagnac

Elegant and very aromatic nose showing mint and lemongrass. The palate is potent, vivid and already very balanced. Beautiful notes of dried fruits and rancio. The finish is ample and persistent. A magnificent brandy, broad and lingering. 49.1% alc/vol
GOLD MEDAL • Concours des Bas-Armagnacs Landais 2009
SILVER MEDAL • Concours Général Agricole 2015

1995 Charron Armagnac

Bright amber hue. Elegant and very expressive nose with a subtle blend of fresh apricot and Mirabelle plum, finishing with spicy notes.
The mouth is vivacious and pleasantly fresh. The spices (cinnamon, with a hint of vanilla) dominate the stone fruit undertones. The brandy is perfectly balanced and the alcohol is well integrated. The finish is long, with rancio notes and cooked prune flavors. 48.9% alc/vol
SILVER MEDAL • Concours Général Agricole 2014
SILVER MEDAL ‘Outstanding’ • IWSC 2015

20 year-old and over • Age of Maturity

After ageing for twenty years in oak barrels, Charron Armagnac enters its most magical time. The aromas are mature and the character increasingly complex. The alcohol is perfectly absorbed and each selection is harmonious, structured and elegant.

1994 Charron Armagnac

Deep amber hue. The nose is fine and elegant, with aromas of ripe stone fruit. The palate is potent and intense, followed by soft sweetness with aromas of toasted almonds, vanilla and cinnamon. The finish is persistent and subtly spiced. A superb vintage. 48.7% alc/vol
GOLD MEDAL • Concours Général Agricole 2013

1990 Charron Armagnac

Complex nose with aromas of roasted, candied apricot and cinnamon. The palate is vivid and potent. Licorice flavors followed by prune and toast. The finish is long and persistent. A sumptuous and very elegant brandy. 47.1% alc/vol
GOLD MEDAL • Talents de l’Armagnac Competition 2013

1989 Charron Armagnac

Elegant nose dominated by rancio notes with subtle undertones of mint and pepper. The palate is vivid with harmonious tannins and notes of prune. Beautiful and long-lasting finish. A grand bas-armagnac, structured and complex. 47.3% alc/vol
SILVER MEDAL • Concours Général Agricole 2015
SILVER MEDAL ‘Outstanding’ • IWSC 2015
SILVER MEDAL • Talents de l’Armagnac Competition 2014

1987 Charron Armagnac

Initial nose shows aromas of undergrowth followed by stone fruit cooked with cloves. The mouth is potent but acutely smooth. Very balanced with powerful rancio and aromas of smoked tea. Extremely persistent finish. A magnificent vintage, classic and memorable. 46.6% alc/vol
SILVER MEDAL • Concours Général Agricole 2014

1986 Charron Armagnac

Elegant nose dominated by aromas of undergrowth, humus and ferns.
Fresh on the palate. Potent yet smooth and not corrosive at all. The finish is very peppery, with pleasant licorice aromas. A very beautiful, subtle and elegant brandy. 46.4% alc/vol
GOLD MEDAL • Talents de l’Armagnac Competition 2014
SILVER MEDAL • Concours Général Agricole 2015

Alcohol by volume may vary depending on casks.