Distiller’s Art Single Cask Whisky

Artisans of Scotland Distilleries

The Distiller’s Art collection is a large range of single-cask bottlings showcasing the character of a region or of a particular distillery. These single malt and single grain selections are chosen from rare, individual bourbon and sherry casks, and bottled at natural cask strength, unadulterated with caramel or chill-filtration.

Hunter Laing & Co.

Hunter Laing & Co. Ltd is a family company with an unrivaled pedigree as blenders and bottlers of the finest Scotch whisky. Company founder Stewart H. Laing Stewart started first as a blender, and later as a bottler of some of the finest single cask scotch whiskies in the market. With nearly fifty years in the industry, Stewart learned the whisky business from the ground up, starting as an apprentice at Bruichladdich Distillery before joining his father Frederick in the export business. They traveled the world selling the company’s brands until Frederick’s death in 1982. Their scotch blends were frequently best-sellers in their main markets of Asia and South America.

The success of the company is due to the foresight of Frederick Laing who purchased and carefully stored many hundreds of casks from distilleries all over Scotland – many of which, have sadly long since closed.

The Laing family has been in the whisky business for over three generations, acquiring a great deal of expertise, and more importantly, vast stocks of the most sought after Scotch Whisky. Today, Stewart is joined by his sons Scott and Andrew. Expert single cask bottlers in their own right, they know the importance of selecting the most distinctive casks for the discerning single malt consumer.

Hunter Laing & Co. Ltd continues to be one of the most respected and trusted names in the Scotch whisky market.

Distiller’s Art Single Malt • Extremely Limited

Caol Ila Distillery 32 year-old

1984 Characterized by fresh peat, red apples and pepper. 50.9% alc/vol
Caol Ila was built in 1846. Distinguished by floral and peppery notes which complement the traditional Islay peat.

Bunnahabhain Distillery 27 year-old

1988 Sweet and complex on the nose with menthol, vanilla and pineapple. Strawberries, sandalwood and old books on the palate leading to a lingering finish with fruit and satisfying hints of oak. 56.1% alc/vol
Built in 1881, Bunnahabhain is the most northern distillery on the Isle of Islay. The word Bunnahabhain means river mouth.

Girvan Distillery Single Grain 25 year-old

1990 Flavors of licorice, dark fruits and a sense of old books. 57.1% alc/vol
A Lowland grain whisky distillery built in 1963.

Macallan Distillery 23 year-old

1993 Rich and sweet Speyside malt. Nose full of fruit: oranges, green apples with caramel notes. Great malt delivery on the palate showing milk chocolate, dried fruits and pepper. Long and warming finish with lingering spice. 54.5% alc/vol
Founded in 1824, Macallan, in the heart of Speyside, was one of the first distilleries in Scotland to be legally licensed. Since then, Macallan has built a reputation for truly iconic single malt whiskies.

Craigellachie Distillery 20 year-old

Sherry Cask
1995 A sweet and full bodied nose with custard, apples and rhubarb crumble. Fruity and spicy on the palate with plums, raspberries and cinnamon followed by a medium length finish of fruit and toffee. 50.4% alc/vol
The distillery was built in 1891 in the heart of Speyside.

Blair Athol Distillery 20 year-old

Sherry Cask
1995 Nose is rich and fruity, with caramel and sherry notes. Full-bodied mouth-feel, sweet with toffee and raisins. The finish is long, warming, sweet, leading to a hint of oak. 57.2% alc/vol
A Highland distillery originally founded under the name Aldour in 1778.

Glengoyne Distillery 20 year-old

1996 Floral on the nose with orange and vanilla. Soft in the mouth with summer fruits and some green apples, followed by a long finish with a touch of drying oak. 57.2% alc/vol
Western Highland distillery founded in 1833.

North British Distillery Single Grain 19 year-old

American Standard Barrel
1996 Distinct in malted barley, sweet toffee. A long lingering finish. 53.4% alc/vol
One of Scotland’s largest Scotch Grain Lowland distilleries, founded in 1885 in Edinburgh.

Benrinnes Distillery 18 year-old

1997 Nose is sweet and mellow, showing butter toffee. Flavors of vanilla fudge, dark chocolate and citrus peel. The finish is medium-long, slightly nutty, with a hint of ginger. 49.4% alc/vol
The Speyside distillery was built in 1826.

Laphroaig Distillery 15 year-old

Sherry Cask
2001 Nose of peat and bonfire ash with a hint of lemon. Multifaceted palate showing peat smoke, pepper, ash and iodine. Mellow, long finish with lingering peat. 57.2% alc/vol
Laphroaig Distillery, on the Isle of Islay, was established in 1815.

Benrinnes Distillery 7 year-old

2009 Sweet, herbal and oily on the nose with fruit and spice on the palate. A long, satisfying finish with a hint of sandalwood. 56.1% alc/vol


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Single Malts unless designated otherwise.
All bottles are individually numbered, and range from 48%-58% alc/vol. Bottled at the ideal stage of maturation; each Distiller’s Art selection is a treasure to savor.