Ferdinand’s Saar Quince


Ferdinand’s Saar Gin

Ferdinand’s Saar Gin

Ferdinand’s Vermouth

A Sloe Gin Homage


Based on Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin, this golden Quince from the Saar symbolizes the perfect balance between sweet, sour and bitter.
The Royal Prussian District Forester Ferdinand Geltz not only gave his name to this Riesling-infused Saar Quince but he was also the historical cofounder of the VDP Mosel-Saar-Ruwer growers group.
The broad core of over 30 handpicked botanicals are cultivated from the vineyards and local gardens. Some are well-known–angelica, coriander and ginger, some are less common–lavender and rose, and then there’s the really unusual ones–sloe (rarely seen as a botanical) and lemon thyme.
The botanicals are macerated with highly aromatic quince fruits from trees behind the distillery. This golden-yellow “fruit of Aphrodite” is one of the oldest fruits in the culture. The distillate is infused with
Master Distiller Andreas Vallendar brings it all together with an infusions of Rausch Kabinett made from handpicked Riesling grapes from the Zilliken estate vineyard.

Tasting Notes
Color: Golden hue
Nose: Ginger, herbals, a touch of fruit, slight bits of rose, bobs of vanilla and a bit of juniper.
Palate: Immediately fruity displaying tart quince. 30% alc/vol

Silver Medal ‧ LA Int’l Spirits Competition 2016

4 stars ‧ Spirit Journal 2016