Miel de Tierra Mezcal


The elegant and meticulous production and studied maturation methods elevate Miel de Tierra Mezcal to an exceptional status. The very nature of the arduous process limits the yield to 504 bottles per batch. Only a handful of producers can afford to create artisan Mezcal of this caliber.

Miel de Tierra Mezcal Joven

The Puritan.
Pure Craftsmanship. This remarkable Mezcal represents the highest purity that can be achieved in a distillate within its category. Miel de Tierra Joven is characterized by a pure, penetrating, focused flavor. The initial intensity on the palate is offset by soft vanilla notes that linger. Purity is present with each sip. Limited edition.

Miel de Tierra Mezcal Agave Salmiana

The Classic.
This artisan Mezcal is made from wild Salmiana Agaves that only grow in the secluded region of San Luis Potosi in Central Mexico. Exotic aromas harmonize beautifully with the smokey notes that exemplify a classic Mezcal. The cascade of flavors will delight even the most seasoned Mezcal aficionado.

Miel De Tierra Mezcal Reposado

The Grandfather.
Miel De Tierra Reposado has won numerous awards and garnered high praise for its smooth, delicate flavor. Characterized by distinctive notes of virgin oak followed by a gentle honey flavor that lingers on the palate. Refined, nuanced and pleasing. Flagship of the series.
Silver · NY Int’l Spirits Competition 2014
 Double Gold · San Diego Spirits Festival 2014 

Miel de Tierra Mezcal Añejo Reserva

The Legacy.
Five years in the making, this aged Mezcal is the most luxurious of the series. Produced from the private family reserve, Miel de Tierra Añejo encompasses delicate notes of seasoned oak and pure honey sap.


100% Agave ▪ 40% alc/vol
The wooden emblem attached to each selection designates batch and bottle number.

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Virgin Oak Casks

Natural honey sap emanates from special white oak trees in the Mexican state of Zacatecas. The fresh timber is used to handcraft barrels used to rest Miel de Tierra Mezcal for months in the catacombs of the company’s hacienda. The presence of the honey that flows from the oak imparts a delicate flavor, setting this Mezcal above the rest.

Smooth as Honey

The end result establishes a different kind of Mezcal, one that is pure in flavor without assertive smokiness obscuring the true flavors. Miel de Tierra Mezcal is an extremely smooth distillate, with exquisite aroma, and remarkable wood and honey notes. This is the essence of Miel de Tierra.

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