Turin-Vermouth Bitters

Turin-Vermouth, a Piedmont Tradition

Turin-Vermouth is located in Piedmont, the Italian region of beautiful wine and great traditions in distilling. The superior quality of their Bitters and Vermouth stems from superior fruit and botanicals, a dedication to tradition, interest in innovation and a lot of heart.

Tuvè Bitter

Color: Bright red (natural coloring)
Taste: Intense, delicately fruity
Tuvè Bitter is skillfully infused with a balance of roots, aromatic herbs and citrus fruit. Round, harmonious and lightly bitter on the palate with a surprising splash of fruitiness. Wonderful, unique, versatile and superior in quality. Serve straight or with ice, mix with seltzer or beer. An essential Bitter for cocktail preparation.
25% alc/vol

 Double Gold Medal · Best of Class
Best of Category · Craft Spirits Awards
American Distilling Institute 2016

Tuvè Fernet Amaro

Color: Dark amber
Taste: Rich and intense, persistent on the palate
Tuvè Fernet is a strong and bitter digestive refined by the prolonged infusion of herbs and spices in the Piedmont tradition. Aromatic and utterly intense, this Bitter makes for an inspired aperitif. Serve neat at room temperature or with ice. Mix with ginger-ale or soda. Enjoy after meals with espresso. Wonderful addition to cocktails.
39% alc/vol

 GOLD • New York Int’l Spirits Competition 2016 

 Silver Medal • Craft Spirits Awards
American Distilling Institute 2016


Amaro Black Note

Color: Caramel hue
Taste: Sweet and delicate with pleasant notes of clove, cinnamon and fresh citrus, with a persistent 
rhubarb and peppery aftertaste.
Black Note is the flagship bitter of Turin-Vermouth. A high-quality product made exclusively from infusions and extracts of plants, herbs, flowers, roots and fruits using an exclusive extraction process. Black Note is silky and sweet, with fresh citrus and rhubarb notes. Intense, harmonious, complex and unforgettable.
21% alc/vol

 Gold Medal · Craft Spirits Awards
American Distilling Institute 2016
4 Stars · Difford’s Guide